Our Traveling Idiosyncrasies

It seems that we are very different

Particularly when it comes to how we travel

So here is more about our weirdness


We are extreme in our touring ways. As a rule we don't go to museums. When they are part of a castle or attraction we will browse. Otherwise there is little interest and they require tons of time to do them justice. So we have been to Paris three times and have not yet seen The Louvre.

We are continuously on the go and there is no relaxing, if we are not sightseeing we are cycling, hiking, driving, preparing or sleeping. A typical day will start at 6-7am and end at about 8-9 pm, depending on daylight hours. We would then eat, download pictures, plan the next day, complete the diary and would literally crash at about 10-11pm.

With this and the flexibility we not only see an extraordinary amount but we also get to do things most tourists don't and go to places mostly only frequented by locals. This is truly awesome!

Chances are that a large percentage of the places we have seen you have not heard of. Here are some examples, follow the links for more info.

We do love seeing very different places, usually involving hiking and cycling like Morskie Oko, Calpe, Eagles Nest, Pravčická brána, Etretat, Slovensky Raj and Dunajec Gorge.

We also look for places off the tourist "beaten track" like Rocamadour, Gorges du Tarn, Predjama, Cesky Krumlov, Svaty Kriz and Eguisheim.

All this and much more is possible with the way we travel.


So take the decision to start the planning process now.

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